Everytime you fuel your social media, fuel your body too

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We currently live in a time where social media rules the roost, if we don’t check our phones or update our status every hour we have some strange feeling that we are missing out.

So many of us invest in the latest technology, devices and apps and spend an average of 4 hours a day on our phones. Thats 240 minutes gazing at beauty and fashion trends, sports results and sometimes even animals dancing to music.

As social media seems to be a thing that isn’t going away anytime soon, it got us thinking. How many of us really drink enough water everyday? I’m guessing the answer is not many. For some, it’s a natural habit to have a glass of water by our desk and keep refilling it, for others that fancy sports bottle that we invested in back in January when we made every resolution under the sun is collecting dust in the back of the cupboard.

Bulalicious has decided it’s time for us to take action even more so because of the climate we live in. Even in the cooler months, Fiji is still 23-27 degrees and our bodies can still become de-hydrated and this is no good for our skin which becomes dry and our bodies sweat more and are crying out for more water in order to function correctly.

So here’s our challenge, every time you do the following actions on your social media account try to drink the designated amounts of water:

*Uploading an Instagram photo: 1 gulp of water

*Updating your status on Facebook: 2 gulps of water

*Commenting on your friends picture/status: 3 gulps of water

*Responding to messages in a WhatsApp group: 4 gulps of water

*Scrolling through the internet: 5 gulps of water

If you find yourself feeling like your body cannot possibly consume any more water, this is a great indication that your eyes also can’t take any more time staring at a device and your brain may also be frazzled and need a rest from your computer screen. Water is a great fuel for our brains, it diminishes headaches, increases productivity and also helps detox our bodies.

If you only do these 5 actions 4x a day you will have consumed the recommended daily intake of water, which is around 2 litres.

We invest so much time in cropping that perfect image and updating our status to let our family and friends know about our day, it’s time we invested the same amount of time into our health and increasing our daily water intake is a great first step.

Best of luck and happy drinking πŸ™‚

Loloma Levu,

The Bulalicious Team


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