Bulalicious Activewear’s Top Tips for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

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The Bulalicious team are always looking at fun fitness related activities that we can get involved in that don’t always focus around the gym. We were fortunate to recently climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and if you are anything like us we love to plan ahead so we know what to expect, what not to take and what the climb consists of. So we’ve penned a few tips for anyone heading down under to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge that may be interested in a little heads up…

Prior to your climb

  • Make sure you have breakfast – as you will need energy for the climb itself and it’s a long way to be carried down if you start feeling faint so think ahead and have a hearty breakfast such as porridge and bananas which will give you a slow release of energy throughout the 3 hour hour climb
  • Use the bathroom even if you don’t need it- there are no bathrooms on the climb but they do give you the opportunity to go just before you climb begins once you have your boiler suit on

What you need to wear

  • Ladies don’t wear hair grips as they will make you remove them and no-one wants to start an experience like this re-doing their hair so plan ahead- a french plait worked for us and it ensured the wind didn’t cover our faces with fly away strands of hair
  • Don’t worry about what you are wearing as you are made to wear a boiler suit anyway which keeps you warm and sheltered from the elements
  • Just make sure your hair looks fabulous and you have some sunnies with you for protection against the sun and to stop your eyes watering from the wind


  • They do not allow cameras, ipods, fitbits, go-pros so leave them at home or in the free locker provided
  • You will all get a team photo at the end of your climb which is included in your trip, however if you don’t want a photo with randomers on then I suggest you chose your packages ahead or buy immediately after your climb
  • You will also get a digital link to the photos to have to upload to your social media or email to family
  • Your tour guide will give you the chance to make a short video clip when you are at the top- be sure to do it as when else will you get a chance like this to say hi to family and friends at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge?


  •  As you can imagine this is a bucket list kind of venue so if you are thinking of popping the question I suggest you give the team a heads up prior to your allotted tour as you are each made to go through a metal detector infront of your group- so you don’t want the surprise being ruined before you get your big moment at the top


  • We went in during the day- it was a little windy however as our guide told us this meant we could see for miles and she was right we saw all across the harbour and across to Manly – it was spectacular. Do not worry if the weather isn’t ideal these guys are professionals and they have you covered for all occasions


  • You will be made to sign a waiver prier to embarking on the climb, so this is the time to let them know if you have asthma, heart problems – be honest, they will have seen and heard it all and they are experienced enough to be able to deal and adapt to al health requirements
  • You will ALL be given a drink alcohol unit test – so don’t go out on a big one the night before or you may risk being allowed to climb
  • There are small areas in which you will need to climb through which is not a problem however I would just advise you wear pants underneath your boiler suit that move easily and not jeans maybe something like the Bulalicious leggings 🙂
  • Do not worry this is not a strenuous climb- no need to spend hours on the climber at the gym in the run up to your trip.
  • Your guide will stop several times on the way round which is great chance for you to rest and catch your breath as well as a chance to re-hydrate at the water coolers

What they provide in terms of clothing

Information is provided throughout the tour by your tour guide via a headset and radio, this is key as you are climbing up the bridge and need your hands to

  • Fleece
  • Sunglasses/Spectacle cord -which is very hand
  • Gloves
  • Waterproof pants
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Hankichief- your nose and eyes may start to water at those heights ours did
  • Hat


  • This is a massive aspect for all iconic experiences as the staff can make or break your experience and from start to finish they are the friendliest bunch of people and make you feel at ease and calm. With over two plus hours in someone’s company it’s essential that they are friendly and helpful and they really are and very experienced and knowledgable about Sydney and the history or structure of the climb which we loved. These guys not only safely guide you to the top but they regularly stop to take pictures of you and your group which is a weight off if you are wanting to have some lifetime memories to treasure when you finish. You will also receive a certificate to stick on your fridge and a cap to wear with pride once you have completed the climb.

All in all we had a wonderful experience from start to finish and it was a great little work out for the legs as well as expanding our minds on the history of one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks

*This is not a sponsored advert and was actually a Christmas present given to us by our lovely family members, however we just thought you might like to know some handy tips if and when you decide to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


The Bulalicious Team

x x x


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