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Stress can mean different things to different people and is all relative to each of us to one person it can mean they are having a bad hair, to another it’s financial worries and to another is getting that promotion at work- but on the whole stress isn’t the best thing for our health. 

Stress can cause many health problems including weight gain, muscle tightness, hair loss, insomnia and the list goes on.

Our key to reducing some of the stress is adding some fun and exciting things to your life in order to release some happy endorphins. Every now and then shock yourself and do something out of the ordinary- remind your heart that you are still very much alive.

Here’s our top tips to reducing your stress:

1. Create a bucket list of wild and wonderful things that you would like to do and each month try and achieve them. Whether that’s skydiving or learning to roller blade- something that’s fun and gets your mind thinking about anything other than the everyday worries of life.

2. Don’t compare your life to others- this can be a big cause to stress especially in this lifetime when social media depicts others as having the most amazing lives that we all strive to achieve. Reality is that it’s not like that and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy. Focus on your own dreams, goals and aspirations and compare yourself to no-one but yourself.

3. Being disorganised can cause stress as things begin to snowball and pile up. Write yourself manageable lists and tick them off as you go along. Give yourself no more than 3 tasks per day and go to bed knowing that whatever happens those 3 things have been achieved and have lightened the burden.

4. Talk to a friend- a problem shared is a problem halved. This is a great way to talk through things that are stressing you out and get honest and helpful feedback and advice on how to manage the areas that are keeping you up at night.

5. Live more care-free- life is just a game so have fun and play a little. Don’t leave this planet with any regrets.


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