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Life throws many things at us that can often get in the way or even stop our healthy eating regimes and prevent us from being active. One thing that can often put women off working out can be the news that they are expecting a baby.

Everything you eat during pregnancy, your baby will eat as well – and sometimes the food isn’t ideal for a small baby who when born will only be drinking milk for the first few months. This is why it is vital that more so than ever expectant mothers treat their body like a temple. Everything you digest should be wholesome food full of goodness for both you and the baby.

Pregnancy can be different for each person and it is important to listen to your own body and go at your own pace. If you’ve regularly worked out prior to pregnancy then there should be no reason that you can’t continue with a few amendments to your regime. If you are a first time mum who has never worked out before and are now feeling like you have so much energy, then a great idea to keep off those extra pounds is to start walking a few times a week. Keeping active will also help your body recover much quicker after childbirth. 

The Bulalicious Team caught up with our Activewear Ambassador Suka during her pregnancy whilst she was expecting her first child with husband Ikaia. We spoke to her on the changes she made to her diet and fitness regime as she embarked on the newest chapter of her life and her thoughts on becoming a first time mum.

1. Congratulations on the amazing news, when are you due?

Thank you, I am due in September 2018.

2. How did you feel when you first found out you were having a boy?

I was surprised and happy at the same time, more so surprised.

3. What foods were you craving that are out of your normal diet?

Well, for me it has been vegetables and fruits. More than I would usually consume (that’s in the daytime). At night my sweet tooth kicks in. I try and eat as clean as possible, however I am only human and I think it’s important to indulge every now again as long as you don’t go crazy. My husband has been known to do the odd late night ice-cream run around 10:30, bless him

4. What exercise were you doing and at what levels?

I started off not being able to get out of bed and feeling so weak. Getting up made me light headed and so the best thing for the first three months was rest and trying to eat food that would give me more energy. That would have been when I felt at level zero or one, but now if level five was considered the strongest, I would rate myself between levels three and four, which is pretty good. I go to the gym and try and keep active as I was prior to my pregnancy, although now making alterations to what weights I lift and certain exercises. But on the whole still keeping active.

5. Did you feel like you had more or less energy during pregnancy?

After 5 months I felt I had a lot more energy and I can and want to be more physically active.

6. Do you think it’s important to keep exercising whilst you are pregnant?

Yes, definitely. It’s very hard at first because you feel like you cannot do anything, but your body needs it. Start small by just going for walks. It makes a difference. Getting some fresh air in your body is refreshing and is good for circulation and avoiding varicose veins.

7. Have you been working on your pelvic floor muscles ahead of labour?

It has been a big part of my workouts prior to pregnancy so it’s been nice to carry on, but now with a little more weight on and with more extra caution.

8. How do you make sure you and baby have a healthy and balanced lifestyle?

In my early months of pregnancy I lost a lot of weight. As far as eating healthy my body likes smoothies. So I improvised with the fruits and vegetables I craved and tried turning them into a healthy smoothie or shake. I follow what the doctors tell me: drinking a lot of water, eating vegetables and fruits, meat eaten sparingly and well done, attending monthly check ups, making sure I exercise regularly and curbing my sweet tooth. When my cravings kick in I don’t kid myself that I’m eating for two. I either eat a normal serving or less sometimes, but I drink a lot of water to keep me and baby hydrated.

9. What are you looking forward to adding back into your diet once the baby is born?

Seafood! Especially fish. Whilst pregnant you cannot just eat any fish because some contain high levels of mercury which isn’t good for you and your baby.

10.Were you taking any natural supplements or vitamins to aid your health whilst pregnant?

I took prenatal pills that were prescribed to me by the doctor to help with the growth of the baby. Other than that my fruits are the natural source that I turn to in terms of getting my goodness.

11.Have you approached the pregnancy glow?

I don’t know if I reached that stage because it’s my first time expecting but I would like to think so. I’m loving having more energy to get up and do things and go places.

12. How did you look after your skin as your baby wass growing?

In the day I drank a lot of water and took long baths, soaking myself in warm water, then finished off with a normal body moisturiser. At nights I use body scrubs because that is when the itch starts to get real. I use coconut oil after the scrub especially around my tummy area before bed to keep stretch marks at bay.

13. What things were you doing for YOU time before your little one arrives?

I was reading a lot more and taking naps throughout the day on a consistent basis whilst I could.

14. Did you feel body cofident during pregnancy?

If you’d have asked me this at the start of my pregnancy my answer would be a definite no, just because I lost a lot of weight and muscle. I looked sick and frail, but right now, YES!! I mean I’m still discovering how my body continues to change each day and that it is a fun and natural experience that I have accepted.

15.What are your top 5 tips to staying fit and healthy whilst pregnant?

– Drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruit
– Exercise, whether simply walking or going to the gym
– Listen to the doctors on what you can do to keep active, based on your body and personal needs during pregnancy
– Get a lot of rest, there is a living thing growing inside of you, it’s a different load to carry…so relax
– Take a lot of ‘you’ time breaks, whether it’s shopping, hanging out with friends, taking naps…just know that you will not get that time back once your baby comes into the world.

Working out during pregnancy isn’t the ideal time to start planning for that half marathon or a time to train for a 20 mile bike ride, it’s the time to create the healthiest living environment for your new bundle of joy. It should be a time to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle in order to benefit both you and your baby both during and after the birth. Remember to always listen to your body and work within your own limits as advised by your doctor.

Loloma Levu,
The Bulalicious Activewear Team

On 30th September Suka and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby boy Omanai Kamaika’āloa Wasai Imaikalani Nawahine weighing in at 7lbs 4oz 


Loloma Levu,
The Bulalicious Activewear Team


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