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If you’ve ever looked at a foam roller you wouldn’t be mistaken in thinking that it doesn’t look like a “miracle worker” or something that would enable freedom of movement, however you will be surprised. This compact lego looking contraption is a powerful piece of equipment with many proven benefits to your pre and post workout and is great to have as part of your exercise regime.

Of course we’d all love to live the life of luxury whereby we have access to a masseuse on a daily basis but in the
real world the foam roller is the next best thing. As well as being small and handy to put in your gym bag there are so many other health benefits to foam rolling and here are the Bulalicious Team’s top reasons we think it is beneficial to your workout:

· Increases blood flow and circulation – When you foam roll it increases blood flow which means that more oxygenated blood can get to the muscles that you have been working easier and in turn aiding our most important muscle which is the heart and ensuring we can function efficiently.

· Speeds up your recovery time – Have you ever finished a great workout only then to feel stiff for the next few days or unable to walk because you feel sore? Well foam rolling is a great way to stop this from happening and 10-20 minutes of foam rolling after exercise can ensure that you are back to your next workout in no time.

· Prevents Injury and improves mobility – Foam rolling is a great way to ease muscle aches and pains and can help elongate muscles after exercise enabling you to move freely and go about your everyday life with ease. Being more fluid in your everyday movements can also prevent you from injury caused by simple actions such as bending down or reaching up.

· Eliminates lactic acid from the body – Lactic Acid is the waste product produced as the body breaks down glucose during exercise and if it is not eliminated from the body it can build up and cause muscles to be sore and uncomfortable. Something as simple as walking can become a stress if you do not warm up or cool down effectively. This is caused when your liver cannot digest the glucose in enough time for you to burn it off and is a clear indication that your body is under stress, foam rolling can help alleviate this stress and aid the lactic acid to leave the body.

· Aids to your quality of life – Quality of life comes in many different forms but there is no quality of life if the body you have cannot enjoy it. Which is why we believe the foam roller is essential to ensuring that you wake up every day able to move and enjoy your life ache and pain free. It will also ensure you are not regularly visiting your GP, Physiotherapist or Masseuse and paying endless fees to get rid of your ailments. In time this will save you money that can be better spent on you and your family enjoying the fun aspects of life and what it has to offer.

Always remember the following safety tips before you start your foam rolling session:

· Remember to always keep breathing throughout your stretches in order to ensure oxygen is getting around the body and to the muscles that your are rolling.

· Foam rolling is a gentle activity where each exercise should be performed with ease and care

· Rolling may cause slight discomfort if the muscles are tight, however it should not cause pain and if this is the case then stop and re-adjust your positioning. Be sure to only roll over muscle tissue and not bone.

· Do not foam roll your lower back as there are no spinal structures in place to support the pressure.

The good thing about foam rolling is that it can be done anywhere, anytime with minimal space. It should be added onto your current workout regime and should not replace your warm ups or cool down stretches. If you are new to foam rolling then start off slow and steady – you may be shocked at how deep the roller can get into your muscles but persevere the benefits will all be worth it. After a while you will become much more comfortable when using the roller and will be able to experiment with more exercise and wonder how you ever coped without it.

Happy Rolling,
Loloma Levu,
The Bulalicious Activewear Team

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