Defying the signs of ageing both inside and out

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When it comes to looking and feeling young there are so many tips and tricks we could try. We could spend hundreds of dollars on the latest lotions and potions or the latest serum made from ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest that promises to take 10 years off ourage overnight. Or on the other hand we could simply go “au naturel” and look to de-age our body in the following easy to manage steps.

Sometimes in life simple is better and our Bulalicious Team feel that if you genuinely want to feel young both inside and out then the answers are simple. We need to move more, eat cleaner, sleep deeper and be happier.

Get physical

It’s no secret that being physically active is good for us, but do we actually realise how beneficial it really is? Exercise can help our posture and bone density, which can stop the effects of osteoporosis and arthritis, ensuring we can move more and more freely for longer and in turn aid our posture, helping us look and feel younger. Exercise has the power to slow down the ageing process as it fights off the causes of diseases. The increased oxygen that is being pumped around our bodies means our organs are much healthier and our skin is glowing because of all the extra nutrients flowing around.

Take pride in what you choose to feed your body

‘You are what you eat’ has never rung truer than when it comes to ageing. If you compare the diet of someone who eats processed food and takes a high amount of sugar compared to that of someone that eats a very lean and clean diet you will notice a significant difference in their appearance and internal health. A healthy diet affects your body as soon as it touches your lips. What you put into your body can affect everything from your skin, teeth, hair, weight and much more. If you know you indulge in a daily soda or glass of wine ask yourself this “Is this speeding up my ageing process?” If the answer is yes, then maybe look to reduce you intake of these things by half in a week. You never know, you may just add a few more years onto your life.

Your skin reflects your true age

The most vital organ that we have and that we should always protect is our skin. We expose it to the elements
every day and it can get weathered if we do not care for and nurture it. The sun is most powerful and as beautiful as it may be, it is also one of the most dangerous things for humans. Skin cancer is on the rise and we are exposed to the sun on
a daily basis, sometimes for hours on end. If you want to keep your skin youthful then be sure to cover up with a hat, sunglasses and always remember to apply sunscreen and keep on reapplying. You can even grab yourself a Bulalicious rash vest that offers UPF50+ and protects your skin while swimming in the water. Be sure to nourish your skin and moisturise every night before you sleep, especially if you have been in the sun all day.

Don’t let your age hold you back

It’s true that you really are as young as you feel. So be sure to add adventure and adrenalin into your life. Get your heart racing every once in a while and do something out of the ordinary and out of your comfort zone. It’s also vital that you keep your brain active as well as your body, so try some mental aerobics and study a new language or take on a puzzle or new book and push the limits of your mind.

Take time to recharge

Take enough time to rest. It’s all very well saying you can sleep when you are gone, but sleep is such an integral part of our health. Sleep allows our immune system to recharge, our bodies to repair and the hormones in our body to rebalance so we are well equipped for the day ahead and can live our days to the fullest whilst we are awake. Lack of sleep has been linked to diseases such as depression, anxiety, skin break outs and even heart disease.

Limit the amount of stress you expose yourself to

Stress plays a massive part in the ageing process. It plays havoc on our hair causing it to grey quicker, it can make us gain weight and weaken our immune system. So every once in a while turn off your mobile, take a trip away and enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea. Take time to sit, just you and your thoughts and revitalise your mind. Imagine that every ounce of stress is like adding another stone to a backpack you are wearing. Over time the stress builds up until you can no longer carry all of the stones. That is what stress feels like to your body, so don’t expose it to too much.

Choose wisely

Every choice we make in life – who we choose to be friends with, where we work or what we consume for lunch has a direct impact on our health, whether it be mentally or physically, which in turn has a knock on affect to our ageing process, so choose wisely.

No matter what our age we always want to feel younger and more able and active. With a few minor adaptations to your life this is achievable. Age doesn’t define us, our mind and body can decide how old we feel and we can assist in fuelling both of these with positivity, an active lifestyle and good nutrition.

Loloma Levu,

The Bulalicious Activewear Team

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