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?Painting to reduce stress?

Whilst this current situation is anything but normal we have to find ways to stimulate our mind as well as our body and find ways to eliminate stress.

So why not grab some paints and get creative? The artwork you create doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or even have to resemble anything, in fact creative license means you can paint whatever your heart desires.

Whilst you are engrossed in the calming brush strokes, whether it be for 10 or even 60 minutes that is precious time that your mind is allowed to drift away. This will allow you to focus only on the task in hand and allow your worries to float away or at least be put on hold for a moment.

Taking time to add some creativity into your day right now can help with the following:

* Reducing anxiety
* Lowering heart rate
* Stimulating creativity
* Encouraging brain activity
* Eliminating stress

So why not grab some pebbles from your garden or beach and decorate them to your hearts content? Then when you’ve finished you could leave them in your garden for your family to enjoy or at the end of your drive so as to allow your neighbours taking their daily walk to enjoy the pictures or positive messages you have written on them and brighten their day.

Let’s get creative.

Stay safe!
The Bulalicious Team x

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