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When our stomachs starts rumbling and it’s time to eat our eyes can often be bigger than our stomachs and we can easily over face ourselves with too much food.

More often than not when human beings go out for food at a restaurant or buffet we almost take it as a challenge to eat more than we normally would in a normal sitting- which isn’t good for our health or our waistlines.

Portion sizing doesn’t mean extremes whereby you are only allowed 1 piece of carrot, 3 slices of meat and 1x potato. It’s about looking at eating more of the wholesome food and less of the empty calories and starchy foods.

Try our tips for managing your portion sizes:

1) Eat plenty of foods with colour- you can never get enough vegetables on your plate and if your plate looks like something out of a rainbow with beetroots, carrots, broccoli then you know you are onto a winning plate filled with nutritious food.

2) Smaller portions of white carbohydrates – although these might be your favourites think of these as just a small side. Items such as rice, white pasta, potatoes, bread shouldn’t be taking up the majority of your plate. These white carbohydrates can cause issues such as diabetes, heart problems and weight gain.

3) Don’t over face yourself at meal times – if you are hungry then first eat a small plate and if you are still hungry add more, don’t start with a mountain of food to begin with – you will not get a medal for eating the most food, you will only damage your own health in the long run.

4) Drink more water– more often than not we are dehydrated instead of actually being hungry. So carry around a bottle of water to stop you from overeating.

5) Don’t eat after 7pm – try and plan your days and meal times so that you don’t eat too close to bedtime. This will allow your food to digest and body to start to slow down and prevent food from being stored as fat whilst you sleep known to cause heart attacks and strokes.

6) Make mealtimes a family occasion – sit at a table, which will allow for better digestion and will also make you more conscious of what you are eating. Turn devices and tv’s off and make meal times a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

7) Chew your food- do not rush your food down, enjoy and savour every mouthful. Each bite will then send a signal to your brain to let it know that it has eaten and prevent it from telling you that you are hungry again too soon.

8) Don’t fill up on empty calories – choose protein filled foods such as chicken breasts, oiley fish, lean turkey and also good fats such as avocados, nuts and yoghurts that will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

They key is not to starve or over feed your body. Wake every morning and fuel your body with just the right amount of food and your body will reward you with a productive day.

The Bulalicious Activewear Team

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