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This is something that many people would say is easier said than done, however we believe it’s important for more women to embrace their body and start feeling beautiful both inside and out.

Body confidence comes in many forms and here are our top tips on how you can start feeling Bold, Beautiful and Bulalicious.

1. Wear what YOU want to wear, when and how you want to wear it. Don’t let society dictate your daily wardrobe- if you feel fabulous then that’s all you need.

2. No two women are the same, so do not compare yourself to them. We all have wonderful traits in our minds and bodies and that is what we can offer to the world, so embrace the fact that you are wonderful just as you are.

3. Don’t let your weight define you. Throw away the scales and don’t become addicted to watching the numbers go up and down- before you know it your weight will control you and it can become an unhealthy habit. Having a smaller frame doesn’t mean you are super fit and having a larger frame doesn’t necessarily mean you are unfit. As a human being you have more to offer the world than your shape or size, you have a wonderful mind, ideas, ambitions and voice – use them.

4. All women have body confidence issues- whether they are open and let you know that is another story, so never think the grass is always greener with somebody else’s figure or shape because they too will have their own hang ups.

5. Embrace the body you have- we all have floors but learn to love them, after all that’s what makes you, YOU. Don’t spend your life trying to be another shape, size enjoy the life you have and fuel your body with enough water, wholesome food and be active enough to explore the wonders of world and that’s all your body asks of you.

Women are made in all shapes and sizes but one thing that unites us all is that we are all beautiful in our way and that is something we all need to embrace more.


The Bulalicious Activewear Team x x

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