Anyone who has visited one of the stunning islands in the Pacific and experienced the warm hospitality of its people, gazed at the impossible beauty of its sunsets or swam in the crystal clear waters couldn’t help but be inspired. For the creators of Bulalicious it was no different.

Fiji is recognised throughout the world as a tourist destination – golden sands, palm trees and idyllic islands. It is often said that Fijian people are the happiest in the world. It is impossible not to be touched by the smiling, friendly nature of the Fijians. They invite you into their villages and homes as if you are family. Those who have been fortunate to visit paradise fall in love with the natural beauty of the islands and their inhabitants.

Beneath the surface not many people are aware that in the rural villages, roughly one third of Fiji’s population live in poverty. Many communities are heavily disadvantaged, children are denied the basic opportunities in life and many families struggle to meet their daily needs. Poverty forces many children to drop out of education and many do not continue beyond primary school level. With a population dispersed over multiple islands, efficient delivery of health care, education and other social services is incredibly difficult.

The challenges don’t stop there. Whilst we can admire the natural beauty of the Fijian Islands, it is vital we don’t take it for granted and take proactive steps to ensure the preservation of the environment and natural resources. Bulalicious recognizes that if we want our future generations to have the opportunity to experience paradise we need to do something today.

The vision of Bulalicious is to support charitable projects, inspire others to create change and raise awareness to the needs of communities in Fiji. To achieve this, Bulalicious will work with reputable charities in Fiji with our themed collections aiming to raise awareness of specific areas of need. A proportion of profits from every sale will be distributed to support these areas.

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