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Sukannika Qaqa

Age:  25
Occupation:  Westland Construction
Main Sport:  Beach Volleyball
Favourite Workout Song: Hall of fame – The Script ft Will.I.Am
Gym Bag Essentials:  Spare socks, T-shirt, Lipgloss, Deodorant, Water
Favourite Exercise:  Weighted Inchworms
Main Focus as a Bulalicious Ambassador: My main focus is to inspire people to live an active and healthy life through exercise, good nutrition and to look good whilst they workout wearing Bulalicious active wear.
Favourite Quote: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing”.

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Lenora Salusalu Qereqeretabua

Occupation: Self Employed
Favourite workout song: Hard rock always puts some extra oomph into my workouts.
Gym bag essentials: My bobble water bottle which is great with its built in water filter, hand wraps for boxing, towel, liquid soap, moisturiser and a comb to get my buiniga back into shape after.
Favourite exercise: Burpees because they are great for all over conditioning and my heart rate, and I don’t need any equipment to do them. Also headstandshis is great for strengthening my core, shoulders and neck.
Main focus as a Bulalicious Ambassador: I’m passionate about encouraging women to take up exercise and eating healthy; too many Fijian women die too early and most times it’s preventable. I’m also passionate about protecting our oceans. I’m a scuba diver and I come from a small island in Kadavu so it’s important for me that island communities especially get to know, protect and appreciate their environment under the surface.

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Brittany Coates

Age: 22
Occupation: Fiji National Women’s 7s Rugby Team (Fijiana). I have a Bachelor of Science Degree, double major in Nutrition and Psychology.
Main Sport: Rugby 7s
Favourite Workout Song: Wake me up (Avicii)
Gym Bag Essentials: Spare change of clothes, towel, deodorant, soap, socks, sneakers, fruit, water, music/earphones and a positive attitude.
Favourite Exercise: Bench Press and Squats
Main focus as a Bulalicious Ambassador: My focus is to help motivate others to be fit and healthy by being a role model demonstrating healthy behaviours and sharing my journey.
Favourite quote: Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.(Peter McWilliams)

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Hannah Bennett

Age: 24
Occupation:Pro Surfer, Competition Director for Fiji Surfing Association
Main Sport: Surfing
Favourite Workout Song: “One Dance” by Drake
Gym Bag Essentials:My gym is the ocean so my surf bag contains; Zink sunscreen, small first aid box, Dilo oil, extra hair ties, portable water resistant speaker, electrolytes packets, and my favorite trucker hat. When I do go to the gym I only carry a full bottle of water ?
Favourite Exercise:Underwater rock running
Main focus as a Bulalicious Ambassador:My main focus is to promote healthy active living through leading by example in what I eat, how I train, and raise awareness towards helping our marine environment.
Favourite quote: “A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory”

Check out Hannah’s blog for the reason she became a Bulalicious Ambassador.

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