Behind the scenes of our latest Tropical Vibes Activewear launch campaign

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When a brand or designer commit to creating a new collection there are so many elements that go into the process and the launch of the final collection when they customers get to see the finished process is only one of a million steps along the chain. This is a sneak peak behind the scenes of our Bulalicious Activewear launch.

Once our team have finalised the designs and gone back and forth with different designs and samples and choosing pantone colours (that’s almost 2000 colours to chose from) and we have the products back from the factory- we then get to do the exciting part which is planning the photoshoot.

When it comes to planning a photoshoot it is simply up to the brand how they wish their products or collections to be portrayed. For our team we like to be super organised and we know exactly which pose each model will be doing at what time and in what outfit- this way it saves a lot of time. We also leave time for creativity, it’s great to be organised however all of sudden the model will naturally laugh or move into a position and right there you are able to catch some very raw images that help add variety to a very structured shoot.

When choosing a location it’s always best to have plan A, B,C in order to prepare for the weather- we always like to have an in door location just in case as you can never predict the Fijian weather. Our recent photoshoot was held at GPH Suva, the night before the shoot Suva saw torrential rain however on the day- which felt like the hottest day of the year the sun was in our favour. Sometimes we often find when shooting for fashion we do not want the venue to distract from the clothing and therefore should compliment our shoot and not dominate.


We were fortunate to work with a new hair and make up stylish for this particular shoot Washmina from Allure-bywashmina check her out on facebook she is fabulous. Our campaign this time was the Tropical Vibes Collection so the colours on show were very light and calming colours including whites, oranges and peaches. This reflected on the style of make up that we chose, as we wanted soft, golden and natural colours to compliment the natural beauty of our models and also accentuate the clothes.


Washmina was able to create a variety of feminine looks for our models so they all looked different yet all complimented each other. We loved the final looks that Washmina was able to create and her calming nature was exactly what we needed for our models and team on set- as it can often be a very stressful environment, so having the right people around is essential for our team.It’s also very important that our models are not wearing bright or uneven nail/toe colour which could distract away from the collection itself. Therefore we opt for nude and natural colours.

As Bulalicious is an Activewear brand for all women we do not put any pressure on any of our models to be a certain size for the shoot. We bring a variety of sizes for the shoot and whatever size they are on the day that is what they wear. We know that beauty shines through regardless of shape or size.


Our photographer for the shoot was renowned fashion photographer Asvin Singh aka Bau. Bau is a great photographer if you want the job done and done well and will stop at nothing to get the perfect shot. Although he was stood in the blistering heat (dressed head to toe in black may we add) he was a true professional and spent 5 hours capturing look after look for our collection. In order to get the perfect shot it often required Bau to become a contortionist and bend and lean in all angles just to ensure that the image we wanted was captured. Even on a good day like the one we had, the light can become glaring which means certain angles we have to trial and error several times. When we have a look in mind for a certain shoot it can often take multiple attempts just to get it right, as there as so many aspects to consider such as the placement of the garment, hair and make up, the models expression, lighting and many more aspects.There are some amazing photographers in Fiji and each one brings their own style to your shoot, some are great at fashion, some excel at product shots, others are great at capturing people and nature- it all depends on what look you want for your shoot and we have been fortunate to work with a some of the best.


Once the shoot is a wrap we then have to go through the somewhat 200-300 images that were captured on the day and select the best images to represent our campaign for our new collection.

After all of this the collection is then ready to launch and ready for our wonderful customers to enjoy it.

Check our the latest Tropical Vibes Collection for yourself….we hope you like it.

Loloma levu,

The Bulalicious Team

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