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The Coral Reef Collection was our very first collection and, as such, will always hold a place in our hearts. The collection helped catapult us into the market and the bright, vibrant colours, inspired by the Pacific’s coral reefs, ensured we made quite a splash. We are now several collections down the line but the popularity of the Coral Reef Collection has stood the test of time.


It is due to this popularity, and a big thank you to everyone for buying the collection from our online store, Tappoo’s or the Rejuvenation Centre in Nadi, that has enabled us to deliver on our commitment to “Clothing with a Conscience”.

10% of all sales from the Coral Reef Collection is directed back to the preservation and protection of the coral reefs.
Coral reefs are one of the most diverse and beautiful natural environments on earth but they are also extremely susceptible to external factors. Damage from marine recreation, pollution, overfishing, and natural causes add stress to coral reefs. These reefs are already affected by rising ocean temperatures caused by climate change, which makes it urgent and essential to act now to reduce as many human-induced stresses as possible.


Bulalicious recently teamed up with Reef Explorer Fiji and spent the day with them learning how they work with local communities to reduce their impact on the coral reefs.

Bulalicious Ambassador and “face” of our Coral Reef Collection, Sukannika Qaqa, joined the rest of the Bulalicious team on a tour of one of their many coral rope nurseries at Votua Lailai Village on Fiji’s Coral Coast. We witnessed coral degradation first hand and the restoration efforts Reef Explorer are undertaking.

Reef Explorer have established several rope nurseries all along the Coral Coast. The rope nurseries are set up to propagate the coral and this coral is later transplanted back to the reef. Given the affects of climate change on the coral, Reef Explorer have been able to identify thermally-tolerant colonies from a wide range of coral species.

Diving beneath the surface it is immediately apparent how vulnerable this environment is. It teems with marine life and it makes you think that if this destruction was happening right before our eyes, rather than below the surface of the ocean, it would be impossible to ignore or reject the affects of climate change.

It was a wonderful experience to be able to spend the day with Reef Explorer. The philosophy we have at Bulalicious is that we believe it is equally important to be able to provide hands-on support as well as raise awareness to the plight of the coral reefs. Being able to see the whole “birthing process” of the corals was a humbling experience for the whole team.

We look forward to continuing to support Reef Explorer’s coral restoration programmes. Please keep supporting Bulalicious and we will keep you updated on how your purchases are helping support our delicate underwater environment.

Vinaka Vakalevu,

Sukannika and the Bulalicious team x

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