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This month’s blog for you all is about my latest local surf competition and how much I benefit from surfing in The Taveuni Collection at my homebreak.

My homebreak is located in Suva harbor, it’s called Lighthouse. It’s been the place where I’ve had many firsts including learning how to surf. To add on to the list of firsts, we had our annual Lighthouse Challenge surf contest there and I won the women’s division for the first time. It was a magical day filled with all my close friends, epic surf conditions, and a sunny day in a typically rainy city. The day couldn’t get any better until my final heat, where the waves turned on, and I was able to showcase my surfing that put me in first place! I was tremendously proud of my fellow competitors some of who were very young yet surfing in unfamiliar waters and big surf.

I think it’s safe to say that Lighthouse is my favorite wave in the world. With that being said, I obviously spend a lot of hours surfing there and recently I’ve been doing just that in my Bulalicious swim and surf attire. The difference between surfing Lighthouse and other breaks in Fiji is not only the unorthodox scenery of the surrounding harbor but the water quality is not your average crystal blue. Unfortunately, there is a lot of pollution that flows out of the passage and sometimes even oil spills. By surfing in my Taveuni collection board shorts and bikini I am an not only an advocate for Bulalicious but we also stand for marine awareness and promoting anti-polluting alternatives.

The Early Bird Boardshorts are detailed with rigid elastic string that keeps them tied securely so I don’t have to worry about them getting lose. Also, the material is just stretchy enough so I stay comfortable and agile. My favorite part about these board shorts are the intricately designed rainforest flora print that keeps me vibrant out in the gloomy waters of Suva harbor.

This past month I also spent a lot of time in my Island Ripples Tankini suit that is in my favorite shade of blue. What I like the most about this bikini is the eye-catching cut of the top and braided design which is not only stylish but functional. This bikini is also double layered on the inside so it isn’t see through and rash free which is extremely important when putting in 4-5 hours out in the surf (the average amount of time I spend training in the water).

Well, that concludes my highlighted events for the month. Hope you all enjoyed the read and be sure to pay attention to detail when shopping for your surf and swimwear. Bulalicious is more than your average activewear brand. It’s about clothing with a conscience and we know all to well that our aquatic environment is in need of conscious participants that focus on helping our planet recover. By wearing Bulalicious you can also become an advocate towards this.

Till next month Bulalicious Beauties!

Hannah x

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