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Bula Vinaka!

I am Sukannika Qaqa and this is my first Bulalicious blog. I am so excited for the journey that I am now on, and invite you all to follow me on this path as we push to inspire, motivate and cultivate a desire to live a healthy balanced lifestyle in Fiji or abroad. We will be taking it to a holistic level, allowing you to feel great both inside and out.

These past few months have been exciting for me. As a Bulalicious Ambassador, I am excited to announce that we have launched our new clothing line. A line that will not only help you feel great but will make you look amazing too. When purchasing items online you can be rest assured that a percentage of your money will go towards supporting great causes here in Fiji! Our clothing line is inspired by so many prevalent causes with our first line addressing the issue of the need to take care of our coral reef. Killing two birds with one stone, we want to help you look fabulous in all of our latest designs and you get to wear the awesome Bulalicious active wear knowing that your money is of worth and that you are wearing clothing with a conscience. Let’s do this…

Starting any training programme can be daunting for some, getting back into the swing of things is the hardest part and it might be a struggle but hey nothing in life comes easy! If you want to look and feel great you have to keep pushing…So put that shoulder to the wheel and push along!!

Welcome Workout: Focusing on getting your cardio up! This should help with your breathing; also allowing your body to adjust to the workouts you’ll be getting into. When warming up feel free to go for a walk or try go to the nearest gym close to your home. They should have all the required equipment for this simple Welcome Workout. Duration 1 hour.

  • Walk/Bike or Row for 10-15 minutes
  • Dynamic Stretching Starting from your legs and work up towards your head. Ensure you always begin with dynamic stretching to prevent injury.
  • Step ups – If you’re in the gym or at home use the stairs to do step-ups (one foot at a time). Jumping side to side. Making sure one foot is resting on the box each time you jump. (3 x sets – 15 second breaks in between each set).
  • Muscular Endurance –This will help you start off your week with a BANG. Get on your hands and feet. Bring your legs to your hands (you should be in a squatting position) and jump up. Repeat his workout for 30 seconds, taking a 30 second break.
  • GHD Sit-ups – with a 5 kg Swiss Ball. (3x sets: 5, 8 , 11) 15 second break. If you are at home then you can do normal sit-ups with something weighted in your hands, allowing hands to slide past knee (3 sets: 10,20,30)
  • Russian Twists – Whilst seated on the floor lean back around 30 degrees and twist the top of your body from side to side (if you have a medicine ball, feel free to use it) or swing hands with your body as you turn from side to side.
  • Static Stretching – Ensure you stretch the main muscle groups that you have focused on during your workout and hold for a minimum of 45 seconds to ensure there is no muscle soreness or lactic acid build up.
  • Always take regular water breaks during your intervals. You are now ready to roll out the week after your first Bulalicious Workout.

Remember “Stay Active, Stay Motivated and above all Stay Bulalicious”

Love Suka x

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