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Today we launch Bulalicious with an equal mix of excitement and trepidation. This organization has been 12 months in the making and as you can imagine it has not always been smooth sailing! We are proud to have brought this idea to fruition and grateful for your support. Just by you reading this blog post goes a long way to vindicating all the hard work and sleepless nights it has taken to get to this point. For Bulalicious this is just the beginning of a journey. We invite you to join us and hope you share our vision and enthusiasm for what can be achieved.

Bulalicious was borne from the idea of being able to create stylish and on trend active wear whilst simultaneously helping wonderful causes within the Fijian islands. Bulalicious prides itself by creating active wear garments with a conscience that are inspired by all that is wonderful in Fiji. From our Ambassador Sukannika Qaqa to the factory where our garments are made, we pride ourselves on everything Fijian.

Fiji is a hidden gem and to some it is an unknown destination filled with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Bulalicious aims that by helping to put Fiji on the map to international markets we will raise awareness of prevalent issues in Fiji. These include issues such as climate change that effects the beautiful coral reef that so many tourists discover and explore each year but that is sadly dying due to over fishing and coral bleaching. We hope that by supporting this cause, we can provide something tangible and a hands on approach to prevent more damage to this stunning and unique environment.

We have identified several areas to support over the next few years and as our journey unfolds we hope we can rely on your encouragement. Please ‘like us’ on social media, tell your family and friends about us, visit our shop and perhaps most importantly have a look at the issues we are supporting and raising awareness for and consider if there is anything else you can do.

Thank you again for visiting our website and congratulations on taking your first steps in being <em>Bulalicious</em>.

The Bulalicious Team x

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